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White and yellow teas undergo very little processing. They are harvested and dried in the sun – the specific feature of yellow teas is that they are dried in heaps (steamed), while white teas are spread out in fine layers. The resulting clear liquor has an unusual milky thickness, which is still more noticeable in the qualities that only consist of tea tips. They are brewed at lower temperature and can be prepared in a gaiwan. The number of infusions depends on the quality of the tea.

  • Pai Mu Tan Grade C
    € 6.70

    Pai Mu Tan Grade C

    A stronger Pai Mu Tan for those who like it rough but also ideal for discovering this range of teas.

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  • Pai Mu Tan Smoked
    € 9.80

    Pai Mu Tan Smoked

    When two of Fujian's specialities are combined to your delight...

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  • White Monkey
    € 9.90

    White Monkey

    The velvety thickness (milkiness) of white teas with the fruitiness of a Bi Luo Chun.

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  • Pai Mu Tan
    € 9.90

    Pai Mu Tan

    "White peony" is a white chinese tea from the province of Fujian. The infusion is light, slightly woody and the texture velvety.

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  • Yin Zhen bio
    € 25.90

    Yin Zhen bio

    "Silver needles" consisting of young tips harvested during spring season, it produces a light velvety liquor with floral notes of blossoming fruit bearing trees.

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  • Ya Bao
    € 13.40

    Ya Bao

    A velvety brew Fresh and sweet, definitely surprising even among connoisseurs.

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  • White Colombie
    € 14.40

    White Colombie

    A white tea of character, with strong woody notes against a background of sweet-fruity notes and a lingering milky consistency.

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  • Népal White Simpani
    € 14.90

    Népal White Simpani

    This spring harvest will give you a sweet infusion with notes of apricot almonds that turn into long-lasting floral notes.

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  • Huo Shan Huang Ya
    € 17.20

    Huo Shan Huang Ya

    A velvety cup with the flavours of roasted chestnuts and almonds and fine notes of iodised plants.

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  • Yunnan Yellow needle
    € 18.80

    Yunnan Yellow needle

    A smooth cup with complex and long-lasting fruity notes.

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Buy white tea from La Septième Tasse

A delicate, refined fragrance, unequalled purity... In China, white tea is considered to be the finest of all teas.

Let yourself be surprised by its subtle and unusual taste!

Very refreshing and bitter-free, it is often quite smooth and will delight many tea lovers.

Do you love woody and floral notes? Fruity nuances? Slightly sweet tastes? La Septième Tasse offers a range of white teas.

Some of the most popular are organic white Yin Zhen (silver needles) tea, with its silvery hues, and Pai Mu Tan (white peony) tea, a unique blend of tea buds and young leaves.

White tea: a noble beverage dating back thousands of years

Did you know? This type of tea was once reserved for emperors and high dignitaries. Its origins lie in the province of Fujian, in south-east China.

The leaves are harvested in the traditional way once a year, during the spring season.

Today, white tea is also produced in other areas such as Taiwan and Malawi.

What are the virtues of white tea?

White tea is a healthy beverage that offers numerous health benefits.

Unheated and oxidised, it is less processed than its green or black cousins. However, you should choose your white tea carefully, depending on the time of day you drink it. Even though it has a clear, delicate liquor, Yin Zhen is made up entirely of buds and is therefore very invigorating.

As a result, it retains all its beneficial properties and is considered an excellent antioxidant. Protect your immune system with this virtuous beverage!

It also eliminates many of the toxins present in the body and acts as an appetite suppressant. Calorie-free, white tea also improves the cardiovascular system.

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