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Oolong are teas where the oxidisation process has been stopped, either quickly for the lightest teas or at a late stage for the darkest ones. They present a wide range of intermediate flavours between the green and black teas (from floral and vegetal to caramelised and woody), and are perfect for re-infusing (gong fu cha). The number of infusions possible depends on the quality of the tea. They are also sometimes called blue-green, even if this colour only corresponds to the least oxidised of these teas.

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An aromatic palette with many facets

Halfway between green tea and black tea, Oolong has its own identity. Less well known in the West, it nevertheless offers a wide range of aromas and tastes.

Its percentage of oxidation fluctuates, unlike green teas (without oxidation) and black teas (completely oxidised), giving it colours that are sometimes lighter and more discreet, sometimes darker and more intense.

For this reason, it is also known as "blue tea".

What are the benefits of Oolong tea?

Like the other major tea families, Oolong is a natural antioxidant that keeps your body's cells young.

It also has anti-inflammatory properties and keeps your cholesterol levels in balance.

When can I drink Oolong tea?

Oolong tea is best enjoyed in the morning, when your taste buds have already had a little work done.

Depending on the degree of oxidation, it can be stimulating or a little more relaxing, while helping you to concentrate.

For a vitamin-packed breakfast or a gentle one!

Generally speaking, the right moment to drink it will obviously depend on its theine content and your sensitivity.

It can be enjoyed in the afternoon.

If you prefer to drink it in the evening, choose an entry-level Oolong tea, which is less rich in buds, or a summer harvest to avoid possible sleep disturbances.

This type of beverage reveals its full flavour with each infusion: don't hesitate to increase the number of infusions by gradually increasing the infusion time and the temperature of the water.

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