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The leaves of green teas have been wilted or rolled and the oxidisation has been stopped by heating them, either in basins placed over a fire (the Chinese method) or with steam (the Japanese method). The Chinese method produces fruitier flavours and teas that can cope with higher infusion temperatures. The Japanese method produces a tea with more vegetal flavours (seaweed, spinach), but which requires a lower infusion temperature. The superior qualities are prepared with special ceremonies and equipment, and can be infused a number of times depending on quality.

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Organic and loose green teas

Most of the green teas for sale on our website are organically grown.

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What are the health benefits of green tea?

A natural antioxidant, thirst-quencher and tonic, green tea is an invaluable ally in preserving your health.

Its content of polyphenols, tannins and catechins helps combat cell ageing. Rich in vitamins (C, A, B...), it boosts your immune defences, so you can avoid the various viruses that could cross your path!

Green tea is often drunk when you're on a diet, as it helps you keep your figure.

It stimulates the body to burn fat.

It's also an excellent stimulant that improves alertness, although it's not as stimulating as coffee, but don't forget that it lasts much longer than coffee.

As well as its physical benefits, its wide range of flavours will always meet your taste buds' expectations... Mens sana in corpore sano...

How is green tea produced?

  • Roasting : Green tea does not undergo any oxidation process, unlike black tea, for example.
    The first leaves of the tea plant and the bud are plucked.
    These are then heated to over 100° for a few minutes to eliminate the enzymes responsible for oxidation.
    This process is carried out in metal basins placed over a fire (in China) or with steam (Japanese method).This is why green tea comes in an infinite number of flavours and colours.
  • Rolling : Once withered, the leaves are rolled either cold (especially young shoots) or hot (more mature leaves). They then take on the shape of a twist or a stick.
  • Drying the leaves : Finally, the leaves are dried and left to rest until they contain almost no water.

You can now enjoy a wide range of fruity, iodine and herbal flavours!

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