Caffeine-Free / Herbal Teas

Since the dawn of time, humans have tested and analysed the properties of plants that they have encountered – sometimes with lethal results. Fortunately for us, our ancestors amassed a great deal of knowledge before gradually adding the concept of flavour. And the next stage was to give these mixtures evocative names that add a little more pleasure still to the joys of tasting them.

  • La Tisane des Lutins
    € 6.30

    La Tisane des Lutins

    Composed of chamomile, apples, cinnamon and vanilla. It provides a perfect accompaniment to meals with rich and distinctive notes.

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  • Dolce Vita
    € 6.90

    Dolce Vita

    Sweet blend of oranges, vanilla, coconut and innate carelessness.

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  • Sésame ouvre toi
    € 7.20

    Sésame ouvre toi

    Digestive herbal tea with the intoxicating scents of orange blossom and roses on a base of spearmint. This mixture reveals the treasures of oriental well-being

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  • Tisane du Caucase
    € 7.30

    Tisane du Caucase

    Herbal tea with digestive and relaxing properties. Dominant flavours of lemon balm, liquorice and cardamom. Nice and soothing.

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  • Tisane des petits Bonheurs
    € 6.30

    Tisane des petits Bonheurs

    Caffeine-free herbal tea with flavours of basil and lemon vervain. Why make things complicated?

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  • Le béguin du Bédouin
    € 6.30

    Le béguin du Bédouin

    Intense flavours of spicy orange, refreshed with minty notes. Probably a welcome comfort after preaching in the desert ;)

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  • Volutes du temps
    € 7.00

    Volutes du temps

    Grapefruit, lemon myrtle, apple and rosemary. Can be consumed at any time.

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  • Tisane Gout Russe
    € 7.70

    Tisane Gout Russe

    A herbal tea with an intensely citrus scent with dominant notes of lemon. A non-alcoholic version of the post meal limoncello!

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  • Mille Sourires
    € 8.30

    Mille Sourires

    With dominant flavours of ylang ylang, tangerine and ginger, just like a smile this tea is a delight at any time. New recipe 06/2022

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  • Jaune Lemon
    € 6.60

    Jaune Lemon

    An intensely lemony herbal tea that's certain to give you the desire to sing!

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  • La Voie Lactée
    € 6.00

    La Voie Lactée

    La Voie Lactée is a digestive herbal tea with spicy flavours of ginger, honey, pollen and yoghurt.

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  • Tisane Babouchka
    € 6.00

    Tisane Babouchka

    Composed of: ginger, orange, lemon, lemongrass and lemon balm. A combination of good sense and good taste for youngsters from 9 to 99!

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