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  • Christmas Tea
    € 5.50

    Christmas Tea

    A seasonal blend with dominant orange and spices, softened by the delicious notes of almonds and rose. This tea contributes as much to the festive atmosphere through the scent issuing from the teapot as through its flavours.

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  • Le Réveil du Dragon
    € 5.50

    Le Réveil du Dragon

    An energising blend of black Ceylon tea with dominant notes of nectarine and bergamot with mate. To help you face all your challenges!

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  • Red Dingue
    € 5.90

    Red Dingue

    An energising blend of black tea from Sri Lanka with dominant flavours of tangerine, ginger and enhanced by mate.

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  • Caramel
    € 5.00


    A lovely balance of sweet and slightly tannic perfumes with a final note of burned sugar... Oops! Perhaps we left it over the heat a little too long?

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  • Calisson
    € 5.30


    A delicious pilgrimage to Provence and its famous Calissons d'Aix. To consume religiously while listening to beautiful stories strange as they may be.

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  • Amandine
    € 5.30


    A golden liquor with intense scents of hazelnut and vanilla punctuated by light notes of sweet almond. All you have to do is find a good reason to drink it!

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  • Tatin
    € 5.40


    A cup with intense flavours of apples and cinnamon. We bet the famous Tatin sisters would have found it delicious.

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  • Ronciers Princiers
    € 5.90

    Ronciers Princiers

    Blackberries and raspberries, the princely gift of the brambles.

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  • Spicy Cookies
    € 6.40

    Spicy Cookies

    A cup with the intense flavours of dried fruit (pistachio and almonds) elevated by spices (pink pepper, cumin, coriander)... Fans of nougat and halva will love this tea!

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  • Vanille
    € 8.20


    Black tea and pieces of vanilla pods. The persistent sweetness and slight caramelisation of Bourbon vanilla.

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  • Earl Grey
    € 5.00

    Earl Grey

    Earl Grey is a blend of black tea and bergamot and undoubtedly the most popular of flavoured black teas.

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  • Earl Grey Blue Flowers
    € 5.10

    Earl Grey Blue Flowers

    A version of Earl Grey, more aromatic on a full-bodied Ceylon tea.

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