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La tisane du dragon enamouré

€ 6.90 /100 grams

Herbal tea with vervain, bergamot, violet and cardamom. It seduces even dragons...

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Category : Caffeine-free
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An exclusive blend with principally lemony flavours (vervain/bergamot/holy basil), enhanced with a touch of the floral (violet/orange blossom) and punctuated by spicy notes of cardamom. This digestive and relaxing herbal tea has the power to charm dragons you meet in your dreams and turn them into invaluable winged allies with great adventures ahead of you... Composed of: vervain, lemongrass, holy basil, linden, orange blossom, cardamom, cornflowers, violet and bergamot.)
Brewing instructions: 5 minutes.

1 rounded teaspoon per cup. T2