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L'été Indien

€ 7.10 /100 grams

Ginger, lemongrass, liquorice and a pinch of eternity.

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Category : Caffeine-free
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A refreshing (lemongrass) blend with a splash of spice (ginger) that extends into sugary, peppery notes (liquorice). Some people seek out happiness in the little pleasures of life, even if they don’t last very long. This herbal tea can enhance your pleasure by extending the moment seemingly forever. Drinking it has the magical effect of giving you a taste of eternity. Ingredients: ginger, lemongrass, liquorice, orange peel, black pepper and peppermint.

Brewing instructions: 5 minutes. ½ teaspoon per cup. T1

BE-BIO-01 Certisys. Product of non-EU organic farming.

Contains liquorice. Not recommended if you suffer from hypertension.