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Care Masala

€ 5.70 /100 grams

Masala with strong dominant notes of ginger making it particularly digestive.

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Category : Caffeine-free
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Product details

A herbal tea of Indian spices in a resolutely hot, more digestive and refreshing version with dominant notes of subtly minty ginger. Can be consumed alone or with milk and sugar. Can also be added to the cooking water of your culinary preparations (potatoes, carrots or slow-cooked dishes etc.) This masala is composed of ginger, spearmint, star anise, fennel and chamomile – in other words; good for the body, good for the tastebuds.

Brewing instructions: 5 to 10 minutes. ½ teaspoon per cup. T1

BE-BIO-01 Certisys. Product of non-EU organic farming.